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Personal & Social Development

Personal and Social Development at Malone College is a part of the overall Pastoral Care programme which seeks to support and develop the ethos and aims of the College. It is committed to enabling pupils to become reflective learners and to develop their potential on a personal and social level.

Personal and Social Development seeks to promote and develop in pupils a positive self-concept and to teach key skills and values such as interpersonal relationships, making decisions and resolving conflict.  Pupils will also be encouraged to become more aware and responsible of the issues surrounding their own health and safety.

The programme seeks to encourage pupils to “know oneself”, through the understanding of their own self-concept. Pupils are at a stage of fundamental change in their lives and Personal and Social Development is designed to equip pupils with the mechanisms to cope with and analyse these changes. Developing self-esteem and confidence is essential in Personal and Social Development. In realising their strengths pupils will develop a sense of self-worth which will enable them to accept challenges and strive for improvement through self-assessment.   



Pupils will follow themes set out in The Northern Ireland Curriculum for Personal Development (KS3 Statutory Guidance for Personal Development).

Year 8

  • Welcome to Malone

  • Social Networking and Staying Safe

  • Understanding Me

  • Insync Programme


Year 9

  • Preventing Accidents

  • Social Networking Case Studies

  • Influences

  • The development of Human Rights

  • Ethos, Values and a history of Integration in NI



Personal and Social Development Level 2

Pupils will undertake a Level Two Certificate in Personal and Social Development offered by the ASDAN Exam Board. This is an applied GCSE equivalent to a B at GCSE.

Pupils complete Portfolios in six units:

  • Identity, Culture and Diversity

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • Individual Rights and Responsibilities

  • Managing Own Money

  • Healthy Eating

  • Parenting Awareness

Make it stand out

“To know oneself is the beginning of wisdom”


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