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School Uniform

Students are expected to wear full and correct uniform at all times and parental co-operation in this area is essential. The official suppliers are Warnocks, Lisburn Road, Belfast; Truly Fare, Andersonstown Road, Belfast; McCall’s, Market Street, Lisburn, The Sports Company, Yorkgate Centre and Chaplin Sportswear, Westwood Shopping Centre. 

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Years 8–12 Uniform

  • School Blazer (wool/polyester)

  • School Tie

  • White Tie

  • School Jumper

  • GIRLS – Plain Grey Skirt 

  • (Black College Trousers worn November – March only)

  • BOYS –Black Trousers School Socks/Black Tights

  • Black Shoes

  • (No trainers or high heels)

  • School Scarf (Optional)

  • Malone College School Coat

Sixth Form Uniform

  • GIRLS – Navy blue Skirts

  • (Black College trousers worn November – March only)

  • BOYS – Black Trousers

  • White Blouse

  • Sixth Form Tie

  • Sixth Form Jumper

  • School Blazer

  • Malone College School Coat


  • N.B. For formal functions ties and skirts must be worn.

  • School Blazers are compulsory for 6th Form students at all times.

PE Kit

It is compulsory for students to have the 5item pack which includes Malone College Midlayer, PE Jersey, a choice of either Tracksuit bottoms or leggings, shorts and socks. 

 The optional items include the padded jacket and the rain jacket.

Malone College PE kit can be ordered online at:

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