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Mental Health

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The Peer Education Project is a secondary school based educational programme that aims to give young people the skills and knowledge they need to safeguard their mental health, and that of their peers.


We believe there is a basic level of knowledge and skill that everyone needs around their own mental health. By teaching every pupil about mental health, we hope that they will be equipped to meet the challenges they and their friends will encounter in life.


Our 6th form students have been trained in mental health first aid in conjunction with Action Mental Health. By training older pupils to deliver mental health lessons to younger pupils, the project aims to bypass the walls many young people put up when dealing with adults.


The students also fundraise for a variety of mental health organisations including Pieta House and they were awarded the Amber Flag award for promoting positive mental health 2022-2023.


We have several Teacher Counsellors available to students for referral. We also have a visiting counsellor from Family Works and other outside agencies who provide additional support.

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