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Bilingual Centre

Malone Integrated College is an incredibly diverse community with 37 different nationalities represented and 35 different languages spoken across the school.  All of our students are highly valued at Malone and we actively promote awareness, understanding and empathy between all. 


We have staff dedicated to the area of EAL from both an academic and pastoral perspective.  Staff across the school are trained in the area of EAL and have differentiated approaches to meet the needs of all students.  Students are proud of their school community and present as happy, content and aspirational with a willingness to integrate within the wider Belfast community.

As a School of Sanctuary we have outstanding facilities including a Bilingual Centre open from 8am until 4pm.


Not only is this a place for students to meet at the start and end of the school day, but a calm and supportive environment for students to seek support or reassurance should they need it with a member of staff always on hand.  English taught as an additional language is delivered within this facility to ensure that students are equipped with the tools necessary to communicate effectively with others in both English and their first language and to ultimately allow them to access the mainstream curriculum.  We constantly strive to develop our practice having participated in a number of studies in the area of EAL and regularly share best practice with others.  We look forward to working with you.

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