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Individual Needs

The Individual Needs Department is an integral part of Malone College, with a supportive reputation for the care and development of students with SEN. The Department provides a variety of support to enable students with SEN to access the broad and balanced curriculum they are entitled to.

Our aim is for every student with SEN to make a successful transition to adulthood and the world of further education, training and work. The Individual Needs Department currently includes an IN Manager and Classroom Assistants who work closely with the SENCO and teaching staff to ensure that students with Special Educational Needs have access to an inclusive curriculum. All CAs have the necessary qualifications and are constantly undergoing training in Dyslexia Awareness, ASD Awareness and Behaviour Management.

The Department is committed to the concept of inclusion and many students identified as needing additional teaching support are catered for within the classroom setting. For students who experience more profound difficulties with learning, withdrawal from lessons for an agreed period, either individually or in small groups, may be deemed more appropriate.

The Individual Needs Department prides itself on the relationships that we foster with our pupils and their parents to ensure that pupils with SEN are assisted with the transition from primary school and supported as they navigate their way through their later years.

In addition to availing of the in-school support provision, the school benefits from external support in the following areas: thinking and learning (Park Outreach Reading Support), communication and interaction with others (AAIS Autism Advisory and Intervention Service) and social, emotional and behavioural development (SPSS – Secondary Pupil Support Service.)

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