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The aims of the Music Department at Malone College are to involve all the pupils in music making activities and nurture every pupil to fulfil their musical potential in a dynamic, vibrant and exciting environment. Pupils will learn to value music as an enriching and inspiring experience in their lives. 

Music at Malone College plays a tremendously important role in the life of the College and every student gets to learn a musical instrument. We provide opportunities for students to explore music making, from being a song writer/composer to being a performer in joint music and drama events. We aim to provide students with the right environment to discover their musical talent.

Our facilities are good and it is hoped there will be an increasing investment in music technology and software.

  • We offer time to practise and excellent visiting instrumental teachers. 

  • We are constantly reviewing our repertoire to challenge and inspire our pupils. 

  • In the Music Department there are many performing groups.

These include:

  • The Choir - around 50 members meet at lunchtimes and afterschool

  • he Junior and Senior Instrumental Groups - around 20 members meet in the mornings, lunchtimes and afterschoolafternoon 

  • The Recorder Group - around 10 members meet Wednesday lunchtimes

  • African Drumming groups – around 40 members meet on Wednesday afternoon and lunchtimes

  • The Guitar Group meets Tuesday lunchtimes

  • The Keyboard Group meets Thursday lunchtimes

Ensemble involvement is a fundamental aspect of the life of any student at Malone College who performs music and we are fortunate to be able to offer such a wide variety of activities and also to be able to react to change and student intake. With any ensemble comes the opportunity to perform and there are many events throughout the year where even the student-organised activity can shine. As well as the large-scale, there are many opportunities for chamber music with a number of rehearsal rooms available.

Instrumental Groups

The Instrumental groups are very popular musical groups in Malone and are supported by expert peripatetic tuition.

The Instrumental Groups start in September, getting to grips with new members and new pieces in order to be ready for the first big performance: Presentation Afternoon then Christmas and various other events and performances. 

Band members enjoy letting their hair down during their breaks and lunchtimes. 

There are a number of highlights throughout the year proving very popular. Rehearsals are a fun, slightly less formal than class. Lunchtime recitals in the music department allows the groups to perform favourites perfected throughout the year and allow students to prepare for examinations.


The Choir is where many of Malone’s talented singers begin their performing careers. The year begins in September before the choir settles into the serious business of rehearsals under the supervision of Mrs Mitchell (currently assisted by the talented Martin Douglas Year 12 as accompanist.) 

The first event for the choir is the Presentation Afternoon, which is followed by the Christmas Carol Concert, These performances range from challenging pieces to traditional French/German/Spanish carols as well as plenty of festive favourites! We perform in the community on many occasions during this term.

Welcoming in the New Year, the choir begins its rehearsals straight away. Songs from music theatre and popular music are chosen by Mrs Mitchell and the choir members to tie in with current trends. 

Lively performance of Coleman’s ‘The Rhythm of Life’ (from Sweet Charity): a challenging, technical piece, but one which the pupils thoroughly enjoy singing, Jar of Hearts, All of Me, Rodger and Hammerstein’s Broadway Medley and Disney Dazzle are all part of our repertoire for this year.

Recorder Ensemble

Recorder Group is a lively ensemble which meets during lunchtimes at the College, currently boasting up to twenty members from Forms 1 upwards. 

Anything from popular melodies to festive tunes and west-end musicals! From the jovial to the more poignant, the range of music played is sure to impress the listening audience.

The Recorder

Ensemble are a committed group who are keen to welcome new members dedicated to getting the most out of this humble instrument!

The Keyboard Group and Guitar Group

This ensemble enjoys a growing popularity, with well in excess of twenty members. Budding keyboard players meet at lunchtimes in Term 2 to improve their keyboard skills.

Tuition available in the College

Malone College offers String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Guitar tuition.  Those who wish to pursue music further can do so at Key Stage 4 and beyond and follow courses such as Performing Skills, GCSE and A Level.


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