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Key Stage 3, GCSE, AS-Level, A2

Mathematics is a human activity, a set of methods used to illuminate the world, and it part of our culture. It is a study of patterns and relationships in numerical, graphical, symbolical and pictorial forms.

The Maths department at Malone College are focused on the promotion of a growth mindset. Through discussions with pupils and parents it is clear that many appear to be less confident in Mathematics compared to other subjects and are far more likely to say ‘I can’t do Maths’ than ‘I can’t read’.  In Maths classes we believe in building our pupil’s confidence, so that they see that with hard work and access to the right support they can achieve anything! 

In Maths at Malone College, we have collaborative classrooms. We aim to challenge curiosity; we plan lessons to include group work, Maths talk and problems to solve. Teachers develop independent thinkers by asking stimulating questions that deepen understanding.

The Maths department at Malone College have recently went through a 5 year partnership with the Mathematics Mastery programme, developed by the ARK network. This was a very exciting time for us, and we radically changed and developed our approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics.  Although that partnership has come to an end, we continue to apply the principals across all our classes and feel that the pupils really benefit as a result.


Topics covered in KS3

Year 8: 

Autumn 1 Place Value, Addition and SubtractionAutumn 2 Place Value, Multiplication and Division

Spring 1 Geometry: 2D Shape in a 3D WorldSpring 2 Fractions

Summer 1 AlgebraSummer 2 Percentages and Pie Charts

Year 9:

Autumn 1 NumberAutumn 2 AlgebraSpring 1 2D GeometrySpring 2 Proportional ReasoningSummer 1 3D Geometry

Year 10:

Autumn 1 Graphs and ProportionAutumn 2 Algebraic ExpressionsSpring 1 2D GeometrySpring 2 Equations and Inequalities

Summer 1 Statistics

Summer 2 Geometry


GCSE Maths and A Level Maths

·       At GCSE we follow the CCEA specification for both Maths and Further Maths

·       At A Level we follow the CCEA specification


Inspiring Maths

  • Rachel Reilly

  • Dara O’Briain

  • Michael Jordan (studied Maths at College)

  • Coldplay

(all band members have maths related degrees)+ songs include; Twisted Logic, Square One, Major Minus, 42...)

Summer 2 Statistics

“Mathematicians aren’t people who find maths easy; they are people who enjoy how hard it is’”

Maths Clubs

Maths Revision Class Yr12

“It is not always people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest”

— Carol Dweck


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