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Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS-Level, A2   

In that time, they study a range of fun and interesting performance techniques, rehearsal strategies and perform in front of their class on a regular basis. As well as learning about and honing their performance skills, Drama students also get the chance to work on plays, create their own plays and perform in front of audiences. 

For the keen performers, there are KS3 Drama Clubs in which we work on short plays, play Drama game and share our love of performance. At GCSE, through attending after school rehearsals, the students' appreciation of Drama and Performing Arts grows. 

There are Theatre visits organised on a regular basis which gives students the opportunity to look at Drama as an art form and begin to identify Performing Arts as a growing industry in Northern Ireland. At AS/A2 Level, the students complete practical exploration of plays- approaching texts in a fun and dynamic way. Post 16 students also enjoy working in groups, performing published plays, this is followed by creating and directing their own plays on various subjects, trying out different performance styles. 



All KS3 classes attend Drama on a weekly basis. They study various performance techniques, work on scripted plays and devise their own pieces of Drama based on a range of stimuli. Whilst the focus of Drama is very much on the practical side of things, they do learn about the history and evolution of Drama and Theatre.



GCSE students study the CCEA GCSE Drama course over two years. This qualification is made up of three components. The first component is a devised performance which is based on a chosen stimulus and provides students with the opportunity to explore their imagination and creativity in devising their own plays. Students also produce a student log of the process of devising and this component is worth 25% of the GCSE. Component two is a scripted performance where students research and choose a play to be performed in front of a live audience. This component is worth 30%. The final component is a written exam and is worth 40%.


A Level Drama

The AS/A2 Level course is CCEA GCE in Performing Arts. Performing Arts is a growth industry in N.Ireland. This GCE course gives students to research and gain insight into the industry, engage with effective practice and prepare for employment, further training and/or study. It is an applied qualification in which students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through practical demonstration and/or in a context related to employability. There are four assessment units and students choose one discipline, within either performance or production, to develop through AS and A2. Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or as the first half of the A Level course. They must also complete the A2 course if they to obtain a full A Level qualification. The written elements of the course are completed within each unit and there is no written exam. The practical units give students the opportunity to work in groups and individuals. They will have the opportunity to study a range of plays for performance and be able to explore their imagination and creativity in devising their own plays.


Links between the Performing Arts and N.Ireland

Give me head peace - Derry Girls - Game of Thrones - Mrs Browns Boys - Snow Patrol -Liam Neeson - James Nesbitt - Nadine Coyle - Jamie Dornan - Bronagh Gallagher - Roma Downey

“All the word’s a stage!”

— William Shakespeare


Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS-Level, A2

Drama Clubs

  • Drama Clubs

  • KS3 Drama Club

  • Senior Drama Club.

Students who study Drama also get the opportunity to use specialist lighting and sound equipment and have access to a range of costume and props.


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