The main aims of the Science department are:

  • To stimulate and sustain curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Science

  • To make pupils aware of the relevance of Science in everyday life

  • To develop a sense of wonder about the world

  • To help pupils to care for themselves and their environment

  • ·To encourage pupils to think logically, independently and critically

  • To ensure pupils understand the need for safe working practice


Key Stage 3

In Years 8 – 10, pupils study a range of topics from the three Science disciplines, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to allow pupils to experience a wide range of practical work and group activity.


Key Stage 4

The science department offers 4 courses of study at
Key Stage 4: (Click on the links for more information)

GCSE Double Award Science

GCSE Single Award Science

BTEC First Award in the Principles of Applied Science

OCN NI Certificate in Applied Science


Post 16

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science


Career Progression


 Career Progression

Progression from BTEC Applied Science

Science guide for parents

10 reasons to become a scientist

University courses which need Science


Inspiring People

Albert Einstein | Isaac Newton | Charles Darwin | Louis Pasteur | Marie Curie | Stephen Hawkins   


Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity
— Tim Minchin


Mrs C Cunningham (Head of Department)
Mrs L McAllister
Mrs E Boyle
Mrs N Kean


Mrs C Hynes

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Aisha Alnajaar who achieved 2 A* in DA science in 1 year

Aisha Alnajaar who achieved 2 A* in DA science in 1 year