Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The integrated ethos of Malone College permeates all aspects of the curriculum and is integral to the programme of pastoral care. Malone College believes that its pastoral care system is vital in maintaining good discipline by creating a caring environment where children are supported and encouraged to work through their own problems. 

Discipline, and in particular self-discipline, is crucial to the social and personal development of young people. It is essential in helping them to develop as responsible and independent young adults with self-esteem, who are capable of playing a full role in the community.

Child Protection

Malone College seeks to support the child’s development in ways which will foster security, confidence and independence. The College Child Protection Officer is Mrs Mary Stewart, the Deputy Officer is Mrs Katrina Moore and there is also one designated member on the Board of Governors. 

Drugs Education

Part of our overall Pastoral Care/Guidance structure within the College. Our Drugs Education programme is delivered in the time-tabled Learning for Life and Work lesson and also in related subjects such as PE, Science, HealthCare, English etc. The programme is based upon protection and prevention. We work closely with parents and professional health agencies to deliver a programme that supports and guides our pupils. We seek to develop in pupils a positive, healthy, informed attitude towards drug-taking. There is a policy and procedure for drug-related incidents which can be viewed on request. The West Belfast Project (BELB) works closely with the school in providing programmes and workshop


As part of our Child Protection procedure within the College is our policy on Bullying. Throughout the education of our pupils we encourage students to accept, tolerate and respect each other through trust, support and care. It is therefore obvious to state that any form of bullying which contravenes the ethos of the college will not be tolerated. All subject teachers, support staff and key staff who form part of our Pastoral Staff Team (Year Teachers, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Child Protection Officers) have responsibility to care for and support our pupils and therefore reserve the right to investigate any reports of bullying. The West Belfast Project works closely with the school in providing workshops on Anti-bullying and the Prevention of Cyber-bullying. We also have Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in place at lunchtimes to help support the students. 

Relationships and Sex Education

The Relationships and Sex Education programme is just one part of the overall Pastoral Care/Guidance structure within the College. The programme is delivered to all year groups in the time-tabled Learning for Life and Work lesson. We work closely with parents and professional health agencies in establishing an effective programme that meets the practical and spiritual needs of our students.


There will be crucial times in the personal and social development of the pupil such as puberty, family problems, examinations and coping with bereavement. The Pastoral Care team at Malone College are sensitive to these important times and will seek to support pupils by the provision of counselling skills and services. We have a number of Teacher Counsellors available to students for referral. We also have a visiting counsellor from Family Works and other outside agencies who provides additional support.


Peer Support Scheme

As part of the Pastoral programme we have a peer ‘Mentoring’ scheme. A small group of our Year 13 pupils are selected and trained in the skills of mentoring. They are allocated a Year 8 class and develop a special, supportive bond with the pupils. This scheme is aimed at easing the transition from primary school and improving skills of communication and problem solving.

Discipline Statement

It is important therefore that everyone is connected with the school, pupils, staff, governors, parents, ancillary staff etc. behave in such a way as to help the whole learning process. School rules usually refer only to pupils, school guide-lines include everyone. Malone people are therefore expected: • To be courteous to each other; • To show consideration for others; • To show respect for themselves and others; • To show respect for their own property as well as that of others; • To be industrious and punctual; • To be honest at all times

A copy of the Schools Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded HERE