Pearson Awards

We are delighted that Miss Thompson has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Pearson Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School. Miss Thompson has been chosen due to her commitment, enthusiasm and vision as principal of Malone College. This is one of the most prestigious teaching awards in the UK and the finals will be broadcast on the BBC in October. Good luck from everyone at Malone College!!

Blackboard Teaching Awards

The hard work and dedication of two teachers from Malone College was recognised at the Aisling Blackboard Teaching Awards. The prestigious award ceremony was held at Stormont Buildings on Friday 27th January. Teachers from throughout the Greater Belfast area were nominated before the finalists were invited to the Aisling Blackboard Awards. The two teachers awarded were Miss Cuffe and Mr English. Mr English is the Head of Careers and Miss Cuffe is the head of English at Malone College.


Blackboard Awards

On Friday 27th January 2017, the Belfast Media Group will host the 5th Annual Blackboard Awards, recognising the quality of our schools, and awarding the best of our classroom assistants, principals and teachers.

Teachers and principals who have been transforming lives will be celebrated in an upbeat event highlighting their hard work and accomplishments.

Marie Louise Anderson #BlackboardBelfast

Marie Louise Anderson has been short listed for a #BlackboardBelfast award.

In seeking a recipient for The Shared Future award, we wanted to identify not only an exceptional educationalist but someone who also beats the drum for cultural equality. In Marie Louise Anderson, we believe we have found that person. Maths Teacher at Malone Integrated College, Marie Louiseis deeply committed to her job, and the aspirations of all her students.

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