Year 8 trip to Corrymeela

Throughout 2017-18 the Year 8’s, with the help of Corrymeela, have had a wonderful time exploring their identities and those of others within their class and community.  It all began in October when they went to Belfast Activity Centre to have fun getting to know their class, form teacher and Hedley, a leader from Corrymeela. The fun activities included games, a climbing wall and ‘the leap of faith’ which allowed them to support each other and to learn how to work as a team.

Each form class then spent two days at the Corrymeela Centre in Ballycastle during which they began to explore cultural identity, living in a diverse society and what it means to be part of an integrated school.

The programme concluded with a half day workshop where the pupils discussed what they had learnt about being good leaders in a growing diverse community.

Here are a few thoughts about the programme from the Year 8’s:

 ‘We had so so much fun that will not be forgotten.  My favourite part was identifying each other so we get to know each other.  I learnt that we can work together if we want, we can plan together and do it without ruining it.’  - Ahmed

‘My favourite part was the pillow teamwork game because it was fun.  The things we learnt about, that team work is important and I learnt more about my friends.’ -  Rio

‘In Corrymeela we played outdoor activities such X men and team building games.  I learnt that everyone is different and don’t judge people for the way they look’  - Mya

‘I learnt more about my classmates and I learnt teamwork is very important.  I also learnt more about what Corrymeela does.  I enjoyed Corrymeela very much.’ - Jiwoo

‘I learnt that when you are a team together everyone achieves more.  I also learnt that some of my friends are mad’  - Kai

‘Corrymeela was great.  The activities were great fun.  The rooms and staff were great.  Jumping off the leap of faith was amazing at the Belfast Activity Centre.’

The Belfast Activity Centre was really fun.  My favourite part was the leap of faith.’ -  David

This programme was sponsored by the Belfast City Council Good Relations Programme. All the Year 8’s would like to thank them for their very kind contribution. This would not have been possible without their generous support.