Behaviour for Learning

Malone College

Behaviour for Learning Policy


Malone College is committed to developing confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in all students.  There are high expectations of all students and the College has a caring environment where students are encouraged to identify and work through their problems or difficulties.  Students are urged to respect themselves and others and are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

The aim of the college is to ensure a peaceful, safe and happy school in which individuals can live, learn and develop their potential.  All members of the school community are expected to make a positive commitment to promoting and modelling positive behaviour for learning.  To this end, all staff will strive to show care and compassion towards each other, adults and students alike, as well as enforcing the rules firmly and fairly.

The clear codes of acceptable behaviour should be adhered to by students.  Staff and students should follow the agreed procedures if breaches of the rules occur.

The Behaviour for Learning Policy can be viewed by clicking here