Learning For Life and Work

Learning For Life and Work

The LLW programme seeks to promote and develop in pupils a positive self- concept and to teach key skills and values such as interpersonal relationships, making decisions and resolving conflict.  Pupils will also be encouraged to become more aware and responsible for the issues surrounding their own  health and safety.  

The programme seeks to encourage pupils to “know oneself”, through the understanding of their own self-concept. Pupils are at a stage of fundamental  change in their lives and the LLW programme is designed to equip pupils with  the mechanisms to cope with and analyse these changes. Developing self- esteem and confidence is essential to the LLW. programme. In realising their  strengths pupils will develop a sense of self-worth which will enable them to  accept challenges and strive for improvement through self-assessment.     

Developing attitudes of tolerance, empathy, loyalty and respect for person and  property are highlighted within the curriculum; Pupils will learn the values of  developing positive relationships and caring for others. Pupils should also be  made aware of risks to their own personal safety and make decisions which  will encourage a balanced healthy life style. Transferable skills that can be used  for life after school are another part of the LLW. programme designed to foster  and develop a well-rounded and conscientious individual.  

We recognise that the LLW. programme is a long term process directed to the  improved performance of all pupils. At Malone College the curriculum seeks to  develop personal intelligences, highlight awareness of health and safety and to  prepare pupils for the demands of the wider world.  The programme strives to  develop responsible and assertive citizens, respectful and sensitive to others  and the environment around them.

LLW Programme for KS3
LLW is made up of three key elements at KS3:

1. Personal Development
2. Citizenship
3. Careers

Y10 LLW: The Princes Trust 

The LLW Team want to offer pupils not only Life Skills but to also play a part in their academic success. Pupils at Malone College in Y10 complete 5 of the 7 units offered by the Princes Trust to achieve a Double Award Level Two Certificate (with the final two units completed in Careers in Y11 and Y12). Pupils in Y10 LLW complete two units of the Princes Trust. 

  • Managing Money

  • Interpersonal Skills


Pupils complete a Level Two Certificate which is the equivalent of a ‘B’ at GCSE Level. It is a Certificate in Personal and Social Development offered by the ASDAN Exams Board, pupils build up a portfolio of work during Y11 and Y12. 

These units cover Personal Development and Citizenship. Pupils complete six portfolio's to gain the certificate, they are in:

  • Identity, Culture and Diversity

  • Healthy Living

  • Managing Money

  • Individual Rights and Responsibilities

  • Healthy Eating

  • Parenting Awareness

The unexamined life is not worth living
— Socrates