Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS-Level, A2        

Geography gives pupils the chance to learn about the world around them, they gain skills in fieldwork and work as part of a team.  It allows pupils to study current world geographical events and topics studied include volcanoes, weather, ecosystems, tourism, development, globalisation as well as many more.

GCSE / AS Level

Pupils at GCSE and AS level have the opportunity to go on residential fieldtrips to collect fieldwork data. Trips centre around the collection of river data, tourism, studies of an urban area and sand dunes.

Inspiring People

Barra Best |  Prince William |  Charles Darwin  |  Michael Palin |  Michael Jordan, 

Everything has to do with Geography!

Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS-Level, A2
BTEc Level 3

  • Mrs Hamilton

  • Mr Talbot

Geography Clubs

Travel club