Business Studies

Business Studies

This subject provides students with a better understanding of business through active participation in the business environment. Students are encouraged to gain practical, presentational, personal, interpersonal and communication skills. 

Business Studies will provide learners with knowledge and understanding of how different forms of business ownership operate. It will cover how businesses are run in terms of their form of ownership, the impact of external factors on business success, understanding the different objectives businesses may have, and the key functional areas within a business which enable it to operate effectively. 

Learners will be taught different forms of business ownership and consider which of these forms of ownership are appropriate for different forms of business. They will be introduced to the concept of business objectives and understand how, and why, they are important to a business, and indeed why they may change over time.

They will learn why it is important for businesses to recruit the right staff with the right skills in order to produce goods/services to meet customer requirements. They will also learn about the recruitment process, including finding out about job descriptions, person specifications and how these are used by businesses to recruit. Learners will gain knowledge of how businesses use these tools, and then go on to use this knowledge as applicants. They will learn techniques for self-assessment, how to identify employment areas of interest to them and how to match job role requirements to their own self-assessment. They will learn how to apply for a job and how to produce a career plan. Learners will be able to use this work as a basis to plan for future employment opportunities. 

Learners will look at what an enterprise activity is and factors which make one viable.  Students will be encouraged to generate their own innovative ideas for setting up their own mini company.

Business Studies offers an excellent foundation for a career in marketing, finance, accountancy, management, human resource management, professional business services, customer service and self-employment. Furthermore skills developed throughout this course will compliment any chosen career.

Inspiring People
Sir Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Leah Totten, Beyoncé, past pupil now successful entrepreneur Jim Conlon.


Entrepreneurship - Is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS-Level, A2, Other
Cambridge Technical Level 2 in Business and Enterprise

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Business Studies is equipped with a suite of computers and fully integrated into the subject.