Bi-Lingual (EAL)

Bi Lingual (EAL)

The increasing diversity of the school’s population is due not only to its integrated ethos, embracing ‘all faiths and none’, but also reflects the demography of the surrounding area. Almost a quarter of the pupils in the school are multilingual and all pupils are assessed on entry to the school and their needs catered for accordingly. Teaching and learning of EAL learners is managed by the SENCO and a number of teaching staff including an EAL co-ordinator and assistant.  A newcomers policy has been developed and there is an intensive six week programme of accelerated English for all beginners. We also run a thriving  Saturday School at Malone College for parents and families of newcomer families currently enrolled in or thinking about enrolling pupils in the school. This was established in January 2015 and offers English lessons from 9:30–12:00 during term time as well as crèche facilities.

Our aim is to embed support of EAL pupils and their families with more general study skills including recognition of key vocabulary, understanding of instructions and producing acceptable academic writing in the context of specific subjects.